As a result of this wild development in the communication means, parental control has become a must to protect and monitor our loved ones.

Starting from today, you as responsible parent, should learn all the secrets of Android Tracking for safer future for you and your loved ones.

Parents, Do You Know Why?

The excessive use of cell phone devices in teens is leading them towards pornography, social media addiction, and exposure to online predators.

    The increasing smart phone usage among teens cause them severe depression, less sleep, and suicidal thoughts, Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., a Psychology Professor at San Diego State University, has published its new research paper.

    android-spyingSigns That Smart phones Are Killing Young Teens


    Kids and teens used to sleepless

    spend-more-timeSPEND MORE TIME

    Teen used to Spend at least 5 hours a day on the cell phone’s screen

    bullied-onlineBULLIED ONLINE

    Teens bullied online 5, times more likely to skip school then the non –bullied


    Two third of the teens have phones having an internet connection


    Cell phone addicted teens got 58% severe depression & 65% got suicidal thoughts

    social-mediaSOCIAL MEDIA

    1, out 5, kids are victims of online bullying online repeatedly on social media


    75% of teens are obsessed with social media networks


    79% of the kid got accidental exposure to porn via cell phone

    remain-onlineREMAIN ONLINE

    45% of the U.S teens say they remain online constantly

    spend-time-18SPEND MORE TIME

    More than 90% of boys and 63% of girls used to watch porn before the age of 18
    More than 86% of cell phone devices worldwide are running with the Android operating system. Therefore, parents must track their kids' phones to protect teens from phone addiction, depression, anxiety, cyber bullying, and porn addiction.