What Matters in Remote Access Software
Protecting your data and privacy is our top priority. In addition to IT security, and high compatibility with different platforms and operating systems as well as fast, stable
connections worldwide.

Each applicant will learn how to Access Remote PC from Another PC or Mobile Phone.  



TeamViewer for Android

TeamViewer Remote Control

Remotely control Android Devices & computers as well as transfer files to and from the remote computer. 

For Unattended Access:

TeamViewer Host Beta Download to Android GrátisTeamViewer Host 

Install the TeamViewer Host app on devices you want to remotely access, even when they’re unattended by another person or not actively in use. From Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebooks (screen sharing only), or mobile devices, you can connect to any device that has TeamViewer Host installed on it, 24/7.

Each applicant will learn how to Access remote Mobile phone from Another Mobile phone or PC

Remote into Android devices including smart phones, tablets, rugged Android devices, POS devices, kiosks and set top boxes.


Transfer files quickly thanks to our fast and secure connections. You can drag-and-drop files between computers and also transfer files without starting a remote session!


Chat with the user at the remote computer while in a session or outside a session.


You can easily Reboot the remote computer from your app or web console. 


Print files on a remote computer to a local printer. No need to transfer files, and no need to fax printed documents. Just select the file you need from your remote computer and print it on your local printer instantly.